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Zika Facts You Should Know

Recently, there have been increasing concerns about contracting the Zika virus, especially for those who travel. The impact ranges from health concerns to altering countless daily routines. Pregnant women tend to be affected the most. Infants born to mothers who have contracted the virus tend to be afflicted with microcephaly and the various associated health concerns. Furthermore, people have reduced the amount of time they spend outside. Some have even gone so far as to suspend all outdoor activities. Their traditional camping trips, summer holiday cookouts, and spontaneous backyard dinner parties have come to a screeching halt as a result of their concerns about the Zika virus. You don’t have to live in fear – protect yourself with information and education.

Mosquito Bites

Three things to consider:

1. Weather: Record rainfall means more standing water conditions where mosquitoes can breed. While you can protect your family by making sure your yard is free of areas where rainwater will accumulate, you still have to be careful of places where water collects.

2. Location: There are some countries that are plagued by water shortage and a lack of clean, sanitary water. Before you plan your travels, make sure you research the area you will be visiting.

3. Clinical Trials: There have been successful, promising clinical trial results publicized, and it seems as though a vaccine and reliable testing for the Zika virus is not long in the making.

There’s no need to postpone any of your trips abroad, reduce the amount of time you spend outside, or cancel any outdoor plans. You just need to keep the above facts in mind and adjust accordingly. To keep your yard free of mosquitos, have Mosquito Squad of Greater KC and Lawrence treat your property with our effective yet safe barrier spray.

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