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Mosquito Control in Greater KC and Lawrence KS

Whether you are preparing for a weekend barbeque with friends, a wedding reception, or simply enjoying the pool all summer long, Mosquito Squad has the experience and tools to protect your and your family from mosquitos and ticks.

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Mosquitos breed in standing water left by those sudden summer showers we get in the Greater KC and Lawrence areas. If your property harbors low areas where puddles form and linger, you could be hosting a breeding ground for a new generation of the pests that bring discomfort and sometimes disease.

Available Services

Mosquito Squad offices protect property in the Lawrence, KS and Kansas City areas. For every new client, we visit the location and do a survey, pointing out areas where the insects will breed, hide and congregate looking for their next meal. Then we will discuss the needs of the customer.

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  • Traditional Barrier Spray Mosquito Treatment: With this traditional application, 85-90% of your mosquito population is eliminated upon contact. It is reapplied every three to four weeks for maximum effectiveness throughout the mosquito breeding season.
  • All-Natural Mosquito Treatment: For those customers concerned about toxicity in more traditional methods, our all natural spray is created out of essential oils. Its effectiveness has a 70-75% population reduction upon application and requires reapplication every fourteen days to maintain its efficacy.
  • Automatic Misting System: Mosquito Squad will install automatic misters in your yard that will provide continuous control all season long.
  • Special Events: Spray one time for the special day to protect all your guests.
  • Ticks Too

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    Our area also has issues with biting ticks that could bring disease to your family. The best option is to treat your property to kill any existing ticks and prevent new ones from attacking you, your pets or your guests. Mosquito Squad will put down a barrier spray to eliminate current ticks and place tick tubes in appropriate spots for ongoing protection.

    Mosquito Squad of Greater Kansas City and Lawrence has the backing and experience of a national brand with the knowledge and experience of a local company. We understand the challenges our community faces with mosquitos and ticks. Mosquito Squad is the best choice to keep your family safe and take back your yard. Guaranteed!

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