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Take Back Your Yard: Automatic Misting Systems for Continuous Pest Control

Are mosquitos out of control on your property? If so, you may want to consider an automatic misting system. Why waste money on citronella candles and stinky bug sprays when you could enjoy continuous protection, year-round? Bug bites are no fun but Lyme disease, Zika virus and other pest-transmitted illnesses are downright scary.

Mosquito Treatment misting system

At Mosquito Squad of Greater Kansas City and Lawrence, we recommend automatic misting systems to customers who want continuous mosquito and tick control. Misting systems can be customized to the layout of your property and provide an effective option for eliminating mosquitoes and ticks in outdoor areas around your home.

Mosquito Misting System Benefits

  • Exterminates and repels mosquitos and ticks in all application areas

  • Flexible nylon tubing allows you to strategize misting nozzle location to maximize mosquito and tick elimination and prevention

  • Durable, anti-corrosive misting nozzles made of nickel-plated stainless steel

  • Remote-control operated system allows you to adjust spray frequency

  • Mosquito Squad fills, services and winterizes the system for you as needed
  • Our pest control teams are knowledgeable and dedicated to keeping your yard pest-free. After the installation of an automatic misting system, you will enjoy a mosquito and tick-free property. Mosquito treatments provided by automatic misting systems will eliminate existing pests and prevent future surges in pest population.

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