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All Natural Mosquito Protection

During the warmer months, it is common to see various insects, wildlife, and plants emerging. Unfortunately, with the warmer weather also come mosquitoes. Thanks to Mosquito Squad of Greater KC and Lawrence, you can fearlessly greet the changing seasons, spending the majority of it outside. Even better, now you can get an all-natural mosquito protection so that you can enjoy your yard using our unique all-natural spray.

Mosquito Close up

Essential Oils

If you prefer to avoid synthetics in the treatment of your home, we offer all natural as an option. The mosquito treatment is a blend of essential oils that leave no lingering scents. The initial botanical aroma also only lasts for a short amount of time. The mosquito treatment is sprayed in target areas around your house and yard so that places mosquitoes would normally breed are treated before there is a chance for them to become a nuisance and problem. Even though this is an all-natural mosquito protection, one application is designed to last up to fourteen days.

All Natural vs. Barrier

Our all natural spray is great at eliminating mosquitos but the essential oil blend can wear off more quickly than our traditional barrier spray. Depending on weather, you might need us to spray more often than with a barrier spray. If you need help deciding which spray is right for you, let us help you make an informed decision.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mosquito Squad of Greater Kansas City and Lawrence promises that you will be satisfied with the mosquito treatment you choose or we’ll work to make it right. Give our all-natural spray a try and see how great it will feel to take back your yard! Call us today!

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