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Will you kill all of the mosquitos and ticks on my property?

While we can’t offer one-hundred percent protection, we can guarantee that the number of ticks and mosquitos on your property will be vastly reduced. In addition, we offer a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

How does the spray work? Does it have a scent?

The spray works by repelling rather than killing. You will notice a botanical smell that will soon dissipate.

Should I rely on this site to find out if I have a vector-borne disease?

Please contact a medical professional if you suspect this to be the case. Local officials can help you. There are steps you can take to help reduce your risk of such diseases from local pests.

Does Mosquito Squad provide any other treatment? Do you work with commercial accounts?
Can you help us with a special occasion such as a party?

Our company provides many services in the Kansas City/Lawrence areas. We can come to your property and help determine if you are in need of larvacides or tick tubes as well as other basic treatments. We offer this service to commercial and residential accounts. We also offer special event spraying for clients if that’s what they need.

Will you tell me if you’re coming? Do I need to be home at the time?

We will let you know twenty-four hours before we come to your house for all necessary treatments. You do not need to be home when we are treating your property.

Do You Offer A Free Consultation?

We’re more than happy to arrange for a free consultation.

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